Vipassana Meditation Retreats, June 2010

Vipassana Meditation Retreat Schedule

Brahma Vihara Arama. Desa Den Carik, Banjar-Buleleng, Bali.

Schedule June 2010

If you are interested to join Vipassana Meditation (Enlightenment Meditation) in Bali, please find the schedule below:

  • Teacher: Bhikkhu Pannavudha , June 12 to June 20, 2010. (mandarin/english)
  • Teacher: Bhikkhu U Nyanaramsi, June 21 to July 06, 2010. (english/indonesia)

This is a tentative schedule. Free of Charge, donation basis.
For registration contact:

Ms. Susan Inawati (English,Indonesia) hp:
Mr. Dhamma Jyoti (Indonesia) hp: 081.647.33609.

Vipassana MMD (Meditasi Mengenal Diri), Hudoyo Hupodyo

Vipassana MMD (Meditasi Mengenal Diri)

Instructor:  Hudoyo Hupodyo Mph

Held at BRAHMAVIHARA-ARAMA, Buleleng District, Northern Bali

30 Oct – 7 Nov 2010 : One-week Retreat
5 – 7 Nov 2010: Weekend Retreat


Information :

  • Facebook: Group “Krishnamurti Vipassana Meditation (MMD)

In principle, the retreats are offered free of charge. But since the retreat is conducted at a vihara, at the end of the retreat a voluntary donation is expected to be offered to the vihara. When the retreat is conducted at a place rented for the purpose, the cost of board & lodging is shouldered transparently by the participants.